Patient Testimonials

My family has been working with Dr. Voelker for several years. As a chiropractor, Dr. Voelker's skills and knowledge base shine through with each visit. Her ability to align the body is enhanced with every appointment. As a practitioner, she is simply remarkable. Dr. Voelker addresses your symptoms as a whole being not just physical parts. She is able to pinpoint the causes of your ailments and provide several treatment options as well as a plan to ease the symptoms. Her non-invasive techniques have allowed and encouraged our family's health practices to become every day wellness routines. Dr. Voelker has provided our family with more "health wealth" than we could have ever imagined. Through our eyes, you are not only in good, caring hands; you are in the very best hands to promote health, happiness and wellbeing.

Brianna & Sarah

I am forever grateful to Dr. Voelker. When I was having some serious health issues in 2011, I walked into her office and I was a wreck. As always, she was calm, caring and understanding. Over the next several months, Dr. Voelker provided a series of adjustments that helped me restore balance and regain my health. Beyond the physical care, I’m so thankful for her caring spirit. During some of my toughest moments, Dr. Voelker always had healing words of counsel and comfort. She was born to do this job, and the rest of us are fortunate to have found her.


My life changed for the better after working with you on my nagging back pain caused by a snowboard accident. I lived in pain for about 7 years, seeing many doctors, Otho's, etc. They kept telling me they can't see anything and just gave me another scrip for Vicadin. You immediately were able to determine the cause of my pain and a course of treatment that as I said in the beginning... CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. I am forever grateful for your services.


Chiropractic adjustments from Janel helped me have a very comfortable pregnancy and an uncomplicated delivery. She has been an integral part in the wellness of everyone in my family, including my toddler and newborn baby. I appreciate her holistic perspective and always learned something new at our visits.


My daughter was the first of our family to see Dr. Voelker. She first saw Dr. Janel for her teeth grinding habit, but this turned into treatment for misdiagnosed whiplash. Both the teeth grinding and effects of whiplash were originally attempted to be treated at her pediatrician and a neurologist with no relief. The results of being under Dr. Janel's care were amazing and almost instant. Madison teeth grinding disappeared with in a couple visits, but that was just the beginning. Madison's handwriting changed, she grew almost three inches in the first couple months (this was after a year with little or no growth), her cognitive skills strengthened. We love Dr. Janel's total wellness approach to chiropractic. Madison has continued to see Dr. Janel and we believe that she still benefits from her care and is thriving with no side effects. Dr. Janel is professional, personable, passionate about her career. I would recommend her and have recommended her to just about everyone I know!

Ali G.